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Thomas Murray provides technology to over 45 major financial institutions. Our clients use our applications to adopt a data-driven approach to understanding and monitoring of their service providers, clients and other counterparties. Our technology products expand clients’ capabilities and reduce operational frictions, delivering transparency, rigour and efficiency to critical information management and risk assessment activities.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect for Financial Services

SupplierSelect for Financial Services

  • Proprietary counterparty monitoring platform

  • Centralise and simplify your monitoring & due diligence

  • An industry standard solution

Clients use SupplierSelect to manage their counterparty monitoring and due diligence, as well as to run service-provider selection projects. The platform simplifies the whole process of risk management, from drafting and issuing complex questionnaires to assessing and benchmarking responses through embedded analytical tools.

Bought by banks and funds of all sizes, SupplierSelect embodies best practice and delivers efficiencies by supporting maximal re-use of questions, answers and scores between assessments, ensuring consistency and rigour in the evaluation process. It has been designed around the specific needs and data hierarchies of the global financial services industry.

SupplierSelect for Financial Services
  • Designed for issuing questionnaire and gathering answers from your counterparties
  • RFP/RFI/Survey/Scorecard/Due Diligence management portal
  • White Labelled option available to support your own due diligence processes
  • Allows for the re-use of questions by the evaluator and re-use of answers by the respondent
  • Scoring of answers can be re-used by the evaluator
  • Saves valuable time when reviewing your counterparties in a regular cycle
Thomas Murray - MarketFlow


MarketFlow is Thomas Murray’s platform for the collation, validation and distribution of information and analysis on markets and entities to internal and external stakeholders. It supports ways of structuring data and processing updates at a granular level and on an intraday basis, allowing fine control over data access and functional permissions.

Many banks utilise white labelled instances of MarketFlow to redistribute Thomas Murray’s data and their own in-house information, as well as to manage counterparty banking relationships and account data. MarketFlow has a full audit trail, allowing clients to demonstrate regulatory compliance in managing banking networks.

  • Information Management portal
  • Granular control of user permissions
  • Information that is reportable in a variety of formats
  • Supports both Thomas Murray’s information products as well as your own
  • Reporting and distribution functionality within your institution

If you would like more information on our Technology products please contact Derek Duggan or Albert Kwok

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