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Risk commitee: september 2023

Risk Committee Update: September 2023

Highlights include: 

  • Global Custodians measured against ESG scores 
  • Slovakia rocked by cyber attacks and political turmoil 
  • Kenyan sub-custodian in the spotlight as post-merger activity continues 

Information current as at 31 August 2023 

  • Financial Markets
  • Custodian Banks
  • Cybersecurity

river: August 2023 Risk Committee Update

Risk Committee Update: August 2023

Highlights include:

  • Brazil's Central Bank gains regulatory control over cryptocurrencies 
  • End of two-year drought in Kenya may see inflationary pressures ease
  • Changes at the top of Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan's data disaster

Information current as at 31 July 2023

  • Financial Markets
  • Central Banks
  • Funds

Istanbul by Soner Arkan: Risk Committee updates

Thomas Murray's Risk Committee

  • Why are these risk grades important, and who relies on them?
  • What criteria does the committee use to measure the risk level?
  • What information and data gathering does the Risk Committee do?
  • Financial Markets