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Thomas Murray, a global leader in risk management, due diligence, and cyber security services, is proud to announce the launch of OrbitAI. This exciting new feature set harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), including large language models (LLMs), running within our closed, secure network.  

For years, Thomas Murray’s in-house data science team has been integrating machine learning into its internal processes and Orbit Risk platform. This includes the development of natural language query solutions as part of the Orbit Intelligence module and machine learning algorithms in the Orbit Security module.  

The firm is now bringing these advanced capabilities directly to its clients.  

The first of these is the launch of OrbitAI, which is now available to users of Orbit Security. The launch reflects Thomas Murray’s commitment to continuous innovation and putting clients at the heart of all the firm does. 

Meet your new virtual consultant 

Currently exclusive to users of Orbit Security, OrbitAI serves as a cutting-edge virtual consultant, which can guide clients through improving their risk ratings and security posture and/or monitoring other third parties.  

It marks a significant advance in Thomas Murray’s AI solutions. 

When prompted, OrbitAI’s virtual consultant provides clients with insights and actions to help them to improve their cyber security posture within their organisation and in their third-party relationships. Clients can use the tool to ask any question in relation to the Orbit Security platform, for example, “How can I improve my overall cyber score?”   

OrbitAI: Protecting your data 

Operating entirely within Thomas Murray's secure network, OrbitAI ensures that client data remains confidential and secure. No information is transmitted outside Thomas Murray’s servers. This robust AI tool assures clients of the security of their sensitive information as they work to enhance their overall performance, and that of their network of third parties. 

Data science and AI at Thomas Murray 

Thomas Murray’s data scientists have developed OrbitAI over several years, by combining a variety of natural language processing techniques and processes, unsupervised and supervised machine learning, and the latest technologies, such as LLMs. The use of LLMs includes generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models, which have been fine-tuned to the unique requirements of the firms and its clients. 

Continuous updates and enhancements 

Thomas Murray is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of OrbitAI. Over the coming months, the company will roll out new features and enhancements, further empowering its clients to tackle evolving cyber security, risk, and market challenges effectively. 

Chairman’s statement 

Simon Thomas, Chairman of Thomas Murray, commented on this significant launch: 

“We are delighted to introduce OrbitAI to our clients. This tool represents a significant milestone in our journey towards integrating advanced technology into our risk management solutions. By keeping all operations within our secure network, we ensure that our clients' data remains protected while benefiting from the cutting-edge capabilities of OrbitAI. This is just the beginning, and we are excited about the continuous updates and features we will be bringing to our clients in the future.” 

About Thomas Murray 

Thomas Murray is a global leader in risk management and due diligence services, providing innovative solutions to financial institutions, corporations, and governments worldwide. Our expertise spans various domains, where we offer advanced tools and services to protect against emerging threats. 

For more information about OrbitAI and our other products and services, please contact  

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