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Integrated Risk Management

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Thomas Murray - Inventory of all Third-Parties

Business Risk

Identify, assess & mitigate risks

Vendors, delegates, distributors and other third parties can be a significant business risk to most companies. Manage all your risks with Thomas Murray’s leading platforms, and access uniquely insightful data.

Thomas Murray - Selection and screening

Regulatory Risk

Meet complex regulatory requirements

Companies are subject to an increasing, and more complex, regulatory burden. Thomas Murray’s solutions are tailored to meet the most rigorous standards – get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation.

Thomas Murray - Ongoing risk monitoring

Cyber Security Risk

Monitor, assess & remediate cyber risks

Continuously monitor your organisation and third parties’ attack surface for potential vulnerabilities. Use objective data to identify and remediate potential risks, benchmark against similar companies and track change over time.

Thomas Murray - Issue remediation

ESG Risk

Measure organisations’ long-term resilience

A Thomas Murray ESG rating measures a company’s resilience to long-term, material ESG risks. Our risk-based methodology is based on 27 years’ experience assessing operational and governance risks in the financial sector.

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Identify dormant accounts and reduce your costs

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Daily, data breaches dominate headlines around the world

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Client Announcement

On Thursday 24th February 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Global stock prices tumbled on that day, while oil prices surged increasing inflationary pressures.

Security Ratings & Cyber Risk Management

Continuous, scalable monitoring

  • Monitor your whole network
  • In real time
  • Objective, verifiable data
  • Accessed through our trusted platform

Risk Assessment & Remediation

  • Make better, faster risk management decisions
  • Identify and resolve potential risks & alert stakeholders
  • Track ratings over time & watch your network improve

Unique Industry Comparatives

  • Compare your network’s cyber risk profile with similar companies
  • Maintain a competitive public cyber footprint
  • We monitor every type of financial institution, so you don’t have to

Third-Party Cyber Risk

Get real-time monitoring of your third parties’ cybersecurity posture with Thomas Murray’s reliable, data-driven ratings. Using our secure and trusted platform, identify, assess and resolve your network’s vulnerabilities and drill down into granular, server-by-server resolution recommendations.

Enterprise Cyber Risk

How secure is your data? Continuously monitor your attack surface for new vulnerabilities, phishing and malware activities. Track changes that could affect your cyber-security reputation, and monitor improvements to your public network presence over time. Get automated notifications when new servers appear in your network.

Environmental, Social & Governance Risk

Companies are increasingly expected to understand and manage ESG risks in their supply chain (delegated entities), with pressure mounting from both investors and regulators. Thomas Murray’s ESG risk assessment analyses a company’s adherence to environmental, social and governance best practice.

The assessment is a comprehensive, auto-scored questionnaire, completed by delegates, with the results reported on an interactive dashboard.

Thomas Murray - Reporting

Environmental Risk

Policies & practices regarding energy, travel, emissions, offsetting & more.

Thomas Murray - Reporting

Social Risk

Policies & practices regarding opportunities & diversity, health & safety, modern slavery, community development & more.

Thomas Murray - Reporting

Governance Risk

Board policies & practices, skills & conflicts-of-interest, anti-corruption, historic action & more.


20,000 Users | Millions of Responses | 1 Secure Platform

SupplierSelect is the end-to-end risk and compliance platform at the heart of the financial services industry. Our clients have solved their requirements. What are yours?

  • Proprietary counterparty monitoring platform

  • Centralise and simplify your monitoring & due diligence

  • An industry standard solution

Clients use SupplierSelect to manage their counterparty monitoring and due diligence, as well as to run service-provider selection projects. The platform simplifies the whole process of risk management, from drafting and issuing complex questionnaires to assessing and benchmarking responses through embedded analytical tools

Extensively used by banks and funds of all sizes, SupplierSelect embodies best practice and delivers efficiencies by supporting maximal reuse of questions, answers and scores between assessments, ensuring consistency and rigour in the evaluation process. It has been designed to respond to the specific needs and data hierarchies of the global financial services industry.

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