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Cyber Risk Management

Understand your Cyber Risk.

In today’s complex threat environment, organisations are increasingly turning to security ratings and threat intelligence providers to gain visibility over their online presence. These are becoming seen as a vital companion to CISO’s and IT teams, while risk, compliance and C-suite executives are incorporating them into their monitoring and reporting.

Thomas Murray’s Orbit Cyber tool assess an organisations security posture using open source and premium third-party data, combined with proprietary analysis. The scores are an external scan of an organisation’s network footprint.

Monitor for inconsistencies

Prevent hijacker attacks

Identify data breaches

Example Use Case – Enterprise Risk.

An IT Team will check the Thomas Murray Orbit Cyber platform on a daily or weekly basis for any changes to their attack surface, score and profile. They can reduce the size of their attach surface by taking offline any servers that do not need to be exposed; they can remediate any issues in their internally managed servers or alert their cloud hosting services where there are issues with cloud servers. Likewise, in the events of a new breach, such as a breached email alert, they can require the relevant employees to change their passwords and can develop training programmes to prevent further issues.

Example Use Case – Third-Party Cyber

Where a CISO or Third-Party Manager has identified a sudden drop in the weekly score of one of its service providers, they can ask Thomas Murray to provide 30-day free access to that organisation to rapidly resolve the underlying issues. Both organisations will then be able to track the improvements week-by-week, until the score returns to an acceptable level. This use case is also relevant to satisfying regulatory and risk management requirements for third-party oversight of delegates, suppliers and clients.

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Resources for Orbit Cyber

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Cyber risk

50% of cyber-attacks originate through a third party, but Network Management teams are not doing enough to protect their banks from high-risk providers.

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Philadelphia, PA June 7, 2022—The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Thomas Murray Cyber Risk has won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Threat Detection category.

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Cyber risk

Thomas Murray attended for the first time the InfoSecurity Europe 2022 event at the ExCel London on the 21st – 23rd June

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