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Enterprise Cyber Risk

Manage your network footprint

Protect your data, assets, and reputation by discovering breaches, vulnerabilities and other issues that could be exploited by threat actors. Our award-winning threat intelligence & security ratings is designed for companies of all sizes globally.

Discover vulnerabilities, prevent breaches and build security

Get visibility over your network

Monitor your public-facing IT infrastructure for new breaches, vulnerabilities and other issues that could be exploited by threat actors. Our platform automatically discovers and monitors every domain your organisation is exposing to the internet, and provides intelligent, real-time analysis of your attack surface across six categories: Breached Data & Infrastructure, DNS Health, Mail Security, Configuration, HTTP & HTTPS, SSL & TLS.

Prevent attacks

Make better risk decisions and reduce manual effort by rapidly identifying and remediating potential issues. Our platform analyses 10,000+ data points looking for risks and vulnerabilities with intelligent, AI-powered threat intelligence. Ratings and remediation workflows allow IT Security professionals to quickly identify and remediate risks before they are exploited, protecting your data, assets and reputations.

Benchmark & Report

Our platform benchmarks organisations against like-for-like peers and competitors, giving the 0-1000 score a real-world context. Users can set automated alerts and create intelligent report to communicate risks to management and regulators. The ratings, reports and trend analysis are a crucial way for IT Security to communicate cyber risks to Management to justify security budgets and demonstrate improvement.

Security vs Performance: Get the Best of Both

Investigate potential issues in your public-facing infrastructure to protect sensitive data.

Identify & resolve common configuration issues in complex SSL/TLS protocols before they are exploited.

Discover employee leaked credentials, breached domains, and software vulnerabilities.


Bank-grade attack surface management, for any organisation.




Attack Surface Discovery

  • Automated discovery of digital assets.
  • Eliminate false positives.
  • Monitor for changes.


  • Breaches.
  • Vulnerabilities.
  • Misconfigurations.

Reporting & Benchmarking

  • C-Suite reporting.
  • Alerts & Automated reports.
  • Custom competitor analysis.

Security Ratings

  • Organisation security ratings.
  • Domain security ratings.
  • Benchmarking.


  • Remediation workflows.
  • Organisation risk matrix.
  • Risk impact ratings.


  • Client & Supply Chain Risk.
  • Due Diligence.
  • APIs.

Attack Surface Reduction

  • Exposed domains.
  • Functionality Vs Risk.

Enquiries & Improvements

  • Live enquiries tool.
  • Access to expert analysts.
  • Track organisation & domain scores.


  • Accounts & permissions.
  • Historical scores.
  • Account security.

A Single, Global Risk Intelligence Platform

Resources for Cyber Risk

Thomas Murray - News

30/09/2022 08:34

Cyber risk

This week’s successful cyber-attack on Optus – Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company – is a wake-up call for us all

Thomas Murray - News

25/07/2022 15:26

Cyber risk

Fund managers should not get caught out thinking they are a low-priority target: here’s how to identify risks and build resilience, to protect investor data and assets.

Thomas Murray - News

08/07/2022 13:09

Cyber risk

Philadelphia, PA June 7, 2022—The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Thomas Murray Cyber Risk has won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Threat Detection category.

Thomas Murray - News

01/07/2022 08:32

Cyber risk

50% of cyber-attacks originate through a third party, but Network Management teams are not doing enough to protect their banks from high-risk providers.

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