Thomas Murray Cyber Risk

We have built a threat intelligence platform for companies of all sizes to monitor their enterprise and third-party risk exposure.

Our platforms are already trusted by 100+ of the world’s leading banks and funds, tailored for financial services success.

Company Ratings from 0-1000, based on objective analysis of an organisation’s visible network footprint

Sector-by-sector benchmarking, showing how the organisation ranks against its peers and competitors

Server-by-server breakdown, with detailed information about potential breaches, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations discovered

Fully integrated with Thomas Murray’s due diligence and risk platforms, providing you with a holistic third-party risk management solution

Unique Key Features

  • Network Footprint Discovery

    Automated discovery & continuous monitoring of organisations’ public network presence.

  • Continuous, Scalable Monitoring

    Monitoring for new vulnerabilities, phishing and malware activities across your internet-facing IT infrastructure.

  • Ratings, Analytics & Remediation

    Use the interactive dashboard to make fast and smart security decisions, using objective, verifiable data.

Unique Sector-by-Sector Benchmarking

Compare your organisation and its third parties’ cyber risk to similar companies and maintain a competitive public cyber footprint. We monitor every type of organisation, and are adding new universes all the time.

Banks (Custody, Private, Investment, Depositary, Retail)

Asset Managers

Management Companies

Fund Delegates (Transfer Agents, Distributors, Platforms and more)

Insurance Companies

Pension Funds

Crypto Service Providers

Market Infrastructures


Government & Public Service

Other Corporate Sectors

How it works


Provide a root domain to Thomas Murray


Network Footprint discovered: ‘Attack Surface’


Continuously monitored for risks and vulnerabilities


Ratings, analytics, and actionable remediation data

Intuitive Platform. Objective Data. Proactive Monitoring.

See what the hackers see

Breaches and Exposed Data

Discover infrastructure and data breaches; remediate potential issues to mitigate the breach impact & protect your clients’ data and reputations.


Monitor for inconsistencies in DNS configuration and synchronisation which can easily go unnoticed, before they affect your security, performance and reputation.


Check mail servers for potential issues to prevent attackers from impersonating members of an organisation, or using the organisation’s email infrastructure to target others.

Server Configuration

Monitor for the presence of various publicly accessible services running on your servers to prevent attackers from targeting their vulnerabilities and exploiting their potential security issues.


Monitor for issues in your websites and web applications to prevent hackers from breaching your organisation’s resources.


Scan for common configuration issues in the complex SSL/TLS protocols which might allow attackers to circumvent a compromised SSL/TLS certificate.

Objective data, scoring and remediation information – not judgement-based.

Millions of data points continuously monitored and measured in real-time.

Algorithm continuously scanning for new publicly visible servers.

Ability to aggregate proprietary, open-source intelligence and premium third-party data providers


Cyber Risk Ratings

Q: Why does Thomas Murray provide sector-by-sector benchmarking?

A: As well as an organisation’s objective, 0-1000 score, we believe that there is huge value in comparing a company to its peers. We are uniquely placed to be able to provide this kind of benchmarking, thanks to our powerful reputation for analysing financial services counterparties globally. Our platform compares an organisation to Thomas Murray’s ‘global’ universe of thousands of companies, as well as the specific sector such as ‘CSDs’, ‘transfer agents’ and ‘asset managers’

Q: How can I monitor an organisation that Thomas Murray does not track today?

A: Easily. Simply provide the name of the organisation and its root domain, and Thomas Murray will do the rest.

Third Party Management