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Thomas Murray Cyber Risk

Make Better Security Decisions

Thomas Murray empowers you to identify, measure and reduce cyber risk with award-wining AI Threat Intelligence & Security Ratings

Reduce Enterprise & Third Party Cyber Risk

Thomas Murray continuously & objectively monitors your attack surface, as well as service providers, partners and potential acquisitions, so you can improve security and build trusted relationships

A Single, Global Risk Intelligence Platform

Built for IT Security, Trusted by Boards

Get visibility over your network by monitoring your public-facing IT infrastructure for new breaches, vulnerabilities and other issues that could be exploited by hackers

Quantify your cyber risk with 0-1000 ratings, impact assessments, benchmarking & alerts

Prevent attacks and safeguard your reputation by rapidly remediating issues

Get Board Investment by making cyber risk measurable, demonstrating progress and reporting on your organisation & its third parties' security posture

One platform for any cyber strategy

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Manage your company’s public attack surface and protect your organisation from malicious actors.

Third-Party Cyber Risk

Monitor your service providers & measure the security of potential collaborations and acquisitions.

Free Security Rating

See your organisation through the eyes of a hacker

Cyber Risk Ratings analyse the domains and data that organisations are exposing to the internet - the primary entry points for malicious actors.

Breached Data & Infrastructure

Breached Data & Infrastructure

Discover infrastructure and data breaches; remediate potential issues to mitigate the breach impact and protect your clients’ data and reputations.

DNS Health

DNS Health

Monitor easily unnoticed inconsistencies in DNS configuration and synchronisation before they affect your security, performance, and reputation.

Mail Security

Mail Security

Check mail servers for potential issues to prevent attackers from impersonating members of an organisation or using the organisation’s email infrastructure to target others.



Detect the presence of various publicly accessible services running on your servers to avoid attackers targeting and exploiting vulnerabilities and potential security issues.



Scan for issues in your websites and web applications to prevent hackers from breaching your organisation’s resources.



Identify common configuration issues in the complex SSL/TLS protocols that can allow attackers access to a compromised SSL/TLS certificate.

Our Approach

Award-winning AI threat intelligence & security ratings, designed by cyber experts to identify risk & build long-term security

Organisation’s public attack surface accurately mapped using Machine Learning

Risks and vulnerabilities identified, with evidence & remediation steps

Ratings, benchmarking, analytics and alerts put every risk into context

Workflows, enquiries, and reporting enable users to build & demonstrate security

Benchmark against Peers & Competitors

Achieving management buy-in is a difficult but essential task for IT Security. Every Cyber Risk Rating is benchmarked against peers and competitors, providing real-world context that Boards can understand.

We work in every industry where client data, assets and reputations are under threat

  • Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Insurance
  • Pension Funds
  • FMIs
  • Government & Public Service
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Law & Professional Services
  • Others

Free Security Rating

To find out more, speak to one of our team:

Robert Smith

Head of SaaS Sales and Customer Success