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Continuously Monitor

Monitor the security posture of your third parties in real time with automated, objective security ratings. Set alerts to find out when your critical service providers expose vulnerabilities, and grant access to their IT Security teams so they can engage with the assessment to improve their score. Generate regular reporting for your board, regulator and other stakeholders to demonstrate thorough, proactive oversight. 

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Conduct a Deep Assessment

Use Orbit Diligence to access Thomas Murray’s library of digitised IT Security questionnaires, with auto-scoring, in-platform vendor communication, document storage and reporting. Automate the issuance of questionnaires and leverage Orbit’s intuitive workflows to save both you and your third parties time and manual effort. 

Take Action

Escalate with a potentially high-risk third-party by providing full access to its security rating and threat intelligence assessment, automatically flagging high-impact remediations so that their IT Security team can being improving their score from day 1. Thomas Murray’s cyber security analysts will engage with your third parties to help them understand, contextualise and implement their assessment – you only need to make the introduction.

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Simplify your vendor risk



By combining automated “external” security ratings and digitised “internal” IT Security questionnaire, our clients can establish a sophisticated monitoring programme without adding to budget or headcount. 



Orbit is the only solution which combines expert security ratings with deep due diligence capacities, meaning that our clients can centralise their third-party risk management on a single, easy-to-use platform.




Orbit is designed to help lean teams meet stringent regulatory requirements. We help clients achieve compliance by demonstrating a proactive approach with deep assessments, tailored reporting and audit trails. 

We safeguard clients and their communities

Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund

Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund

“Thomas Murray has been a very valuable partner in the selection process of our new custodian for Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund.”



"Thomas Murray now plays a key role in helping us to detect and remediate issues in our security posture, and to quantify ATHEX's security performance to our directors and customers."

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Northern Trust

“Thomas Murray provides Northern Trust with a range of RFP products, services and technology, delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution that frees our network managers up to focus on higher Value activities.”


Attack Surface Discovery
  • Automated discovery of digital assets.
  • Eliminate false positives.
  • Monitor for changes.
Security Ratings
  • Organisation security ratings.
  • Domain security ratings.
  • Benchmarking.
Attack Surface Reduction
  • Breaches.
  • Vulnerabilities.
  • Misconfigurations.


Reporting and Benchmarking
  • C-Suite reporting.
  • Alerts and Automated reports.
  • Custom competitor analysis.
Enquiries and Improvements
  • Live enquiries tool.
  • Access to expert analysts.
  • Track organisation and domain scores.
  • APIs.
  • Accounts and permissions.
  • Historical scores.
  • Account security.


Third Parties
  • Provide free access for remediation.
  • Monitor changes.
IT Security Questionnaires
  • Issue and Analyse.
  • Manage and Monitor.
  • Assess and Remediate.
Vendor Due Diligence and Selection
  • Standard and custom questionnaires.
  • Track, report and benchmark.

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Head of SaaS Sales and Customer Success 

Roland Thomas

Roland Thomas

Associate Director | Cyber Risk