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Use our free, easy-to-follow questionnaire to determine how close your organisation is to meeting all the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements.

Once completed, we’ll send you a free report outlining how prepared you are for DORA. You can use our output to create an action plan to achieve compliance.

If you need further support in setting up an action plan, or need advice about the requirements, our team of cyber experts can work with you on a roadmap to compliance.

How it works:

  1. Register with your company email
  2. Receive log in details via email
  3. Complete questionnaire (2-4 hours depending on organisation)
  4. Receive free report
  5. Plan your next steps with our DORA expert

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  • The participant of the DORA Readiness Toolkit (“the Respondent”) will have use of the TM Web Site which is limited to the following:
    • accessing and responding to the Dora Readiness Toolkit (the “Project”) by: (i) submitting, via the secure on-line facility of the TM Web Site, a standard or customised response to a Project, in accordance with any procedural guidelines available on the TM Web Site from time to time; and (ii) submitting documents to support its response to a Project.
  • The Respondent may not print, copy, reproduce, download, republish, broadcast, transmit, display, modify or re-use the Client Information or any other information or material from the TM Web Site for any purpose other than those set out above, including in particular any purpose which re-sells or re-uses any other, information, data or material on the TM Web Site, save as is directly necessary for the Respondent to comply with audit, tax and/or regulatory obligations.
  • Save to the extent entitled by law, the Respondent will not, under any circumstances, decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on the TM Web Site, its underlying software and/or content, either in whole or in part.
  • The Respondent authorises TM to aggregate responses for the purposes of benchmarking those responses and Respondent Data against other data and allows TM to disclose such aggregated data to any person provided that TM will not disclose the identity of Respondent or present the information or Respondent Data in such a manner that Respondent is identifiable to a third party.
  • Acceptance of full terms and conditions is required upon logging in.

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These services are the pillars of consulting excellence within Thomas Murray's cyber advisory practice. Our unified team of experts will support you as your needs evolve and your requirements grow.

We embed threat intelligence in all that we do and the language we speak. This ensures that you understand the relevance of our work and knowledge as they relate to the context of your business. We ensure that you are uniquely positioned to manage your cyber risk proactively.
Our team is relentlessly focused on helping our clients identify and manage cyber risk: we are responsive, dependable, and of the highest integrity, ensuring that value is realised. We put your needs at the centre of everything we do.

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