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SupplierSelect for Financial Services

20,000 Users | Millions of Responses | 1 Secure Platform

SupplierSelect is the end-to-end risk and compliance platform at the heart of the financial services industry. Our clients have solved their requirements. What are yours?

The platform powering better due diligence.

Manage your Network

Define | Issue | Monitor | Analyse

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

20k+ Users

Create as many accounts as your organisation needs.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

100k+ Questionnaires

Improve & track your third party response rates.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

Millions of Responses

Recycle questions & responses for maximum efficiency.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

1 Centralised Solution

Easy, efficient, auditable and secure.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

Define your monitoring requirements, and the data you need from your third parties.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

Issue custom or industry standard questionnaires to any number of respondents.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

Monitor respondents’ progress as they prepare answers, and respond to their questions.

Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect

Analyse responses with scoring, weighting, statistical analysis and dynamic reporting.

Why SupplierSelect?

One Secure Platform

  • A single platform, hosted by Thomas Murray or on AWS.
  • Supporting some of the world’s largest financial institutions.
  • Programme management tool capable of hosting large-scale due diligence programs.
  • Designed to meet the highest security and data protection standards: secure servers, segregated & encrypted data.
Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect for Financial Services

Transformational Efficiency

  • Significantly improve response rates while keeping third parties happy.
  • Save time with automated re-use of questions & industry-standard questionnaires.
  • Manage responses by exemption, year-on-year.
  • Move on from manual email & excel projects.
  • Log and maintain an audit trail of user activity.
Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect for Financial Services

Industry Leading Reporting

  • Monitor project progress real-time with interactive, dynamic dashboards.
  • Track percentage completion and push for responses.
  • Aggregate & analyse your data.
  • Produce meaningful analysis, and benefit from granular benchmarking.
Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect for Financial Services

Hands-on Help & Flexibility

  • Access to Thomas Murray’s business analysts and developers, from set-up to completion.
  • Opt for a managed service, where Thomas Murray actively manages your project & ensures response rates that will satisfy regulators.
  • Choose to create a White Label Site with your own website, URL, and branding.
  • Manage your own instance in-house, or have TM manage it.
Thomas Murray - SupplierSelect for Financial Services
Find out more about the industry's solution to Data and Third Party Management

Luxembourg Management Company

The use of the platform has been revolutionary, taking us from manual Excel-based questionnaires to a very user-friendly online platform.

Pension Fund

By using Thomas Murray’s proprietary system, we were able to streamline the process, focus on content and ensure a fair level playing field for all respondents. Thomas Murray was also extremely helpful in integrating client specific requirements and providing its knowledge about international best market practice.

A multitude of uses

Client Survey

IT Security Questionnaires

Vendor Risk Management

Investment Due Diligence

Custody Network Management

SLA Management

Data Privacy Management

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Monitoring

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