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Effectively monitor your vendor’s completion process

SupplierSelect provides clients with the tools to track the progress of their third-party assessments. Using the interactive dashboards, clients can monitor completion rates in real-time and increase response rates with the help of in-platform features and actively engaging with respondents.

Track the assessment process of your vendors

Monitor the audit trails end-to-end and see every single action that is being taken on the site.

Use the SupplierSelect dashboards as a monitoring tool.

Track the progress of responses via clear statuses.


SupplierSelect extensive dashboard displays the overall statistics relevant to the due diligence platform. The dashboard will provide clients with a breakdown of the different statuses between vendors and allows you to customise what information is displayed, permitting clients to filter the data by what is identified as essential information. The dynamic dashboard allows clients to communicate with the system and track in real-time how responses are progressing.

Act on response issues

SupplierSelect allows clients to assign their respondents with a deadline and severity rating to ensure they are meeting the required timeline so that clients meet theirs. Respondents are prompted with reminders to ensure they stay on schedule.

Dependency responses

SupplierSelect simplifies the participation for respondents’ to only answer questions that are relevant to them through the dependency response feature. Utilizing this ensures respondents’ questions may be enabled or disabled based on what they have previously answered, simplifying the response process and essentially speeding up the progression of the project.

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