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Issue comprehensive questionnaires

SupplierSelect provides clients with the opportunity to manage all their third-party due diligence programs through one single platform. Whether that means selecting vendors through RFI or RFP projects, carrying out ongoing third-party risk management, issuing IT security or data privacy questionnaires, managing custody networks, releasing client or internal surveys, keeping on top of service level agreements, ormonitoring ESG requirements.

Simplify your vendor onboarding process

Create and schedule custom or pre-built industry-standard questionnaires and assessments. Assign criticality by entity.

Create question tags according to regulation, department, or other requirements and flag answers according to certain findings.

Store documents including certifications, policies, contracts, or other legal agreements against organisations or questions.

A secure platform to manage your third-party diligence framework

Streamline the issuance of complex questionnaires and input your methodology into the system. Take advantage of responsive question builders and tag questions or answers according to regulation, department, or other requirements.

Recycle questions and responses for maximum efficiency

Access to industry-standard third-party risk assessments and questionnaires used by 30,000 SupplierSelect users. Respondents can reuse answers from previous submissions and clients can review responses by exception to save time.

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Thomas Murray - News

22/11/2022 12:34


On the 4th of November, The 2022 Asset Servicing Times (AST) Industry for Excellence Awards announced that Thomas Murray had won Network Management Product of the Year

Thomas Murray - News

09/12/2020 14:14


New dashboard makes onboarding, due diligence and risk monitoring even easier with Thomas Murray

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