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Build comprehensive comparative reports

Our industry-standard solution allows users to produce meaningful analysis, and benefit from granular benchmarking. Use the platform to evaluate and compare responses through embedded analytical tools at an overall, sub-section, or individual question level. Generate reports to meet internal processes and support senior management.

Tailor dynamic benchmarks and interactive analytics

Utilise SupplierSelect’s report wizard to export information from vendor assessments. Add multiple samples to your report.

Integrate client-specific requirements and provide knowledge about internal best practices.

Use SupplierSelect’s comparison feature to review differences in responses year-on-year and across different respondents.

Benchmark against similar providers

In-tool comparison features enable easy evaluation of risks across questions and counterparties. Run a series of reports to enable you to compare answers and scores at the overall, sub-section, or individual questionnaire level. Increase productivity by selecting only what is relevant to you.

SupplierSelect Report Wizard

Thomas Murray has created an extensive wizard in SupplierSelect for clients to streamline project assessments. The feature allows clients to add comments to scores and provide answer tags on responses to assist with preformatted reports, for the team, management, or the board.

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SupplierSelect resources

Thomas Murray - News


Attention turns to critical third parties and third-party risks

Thomas Murray - News


Financial regulators around the world have renewed their focus on third-party due diligence, especially in terms of operational resilience.

Thomas Murray - News


Across all industries, critical third parties (CTPs) are essential to the smooth running of their clients’ day-to-day operations, from pay roll to supply chain continuity.

Thomas Murray - News


On the 4th of November, The 2022 Asset Servicing Times (AST) Industry for Excellence Awards announced that Thomas Murray had won Network Management Product of the Year

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