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RFP Selection and Screening

When selecting a service provider for a complex requirement, there is so many considerations that can make a manual process time consuming and unmanageable. Use our Orbit Diligence technology to conduct an RFP and issue large questionnaires at scale to potential service providers.

  • Give prospective service providers deadlines and follow up with automated reminders to respond.
  • Communicate within the platform and feedback throughout the process.
  • Maintain a fair process by opting to restrict access to responses until all submissions have been completed.
  • Use Orbit’s advanced scoring and benchmarking functionality to shortlist and ultimately select the most appropriate provider, as objectively determined based on a series of requirements.
  • Enable multiple teams to come together and have access to certain parts of the process relevant only to them. Be sure you’re selecting the best provider according to multiple factors.

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Resources for RFP Selection and Screening

Thomas Murray - News

Cyber risk

50% of cyber-attacks originate through a third party, but Network Management teams are not doing enough to protect their banks from high-risk providers.

Thomas Murray - News

Cyber risk

Philadelphia, PA June 7, 2022—The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Thomas Murray Cyber Risk has won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Threat Detection category.

Thomas Murray - News

Cyber risk

Thomas Murray attended for the first time the InfoSecurity Europe 2022 event at the ExCel London on the 21st – 23rd June

For more information about RFP Selection and Screening, contact our experts:

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Head of Sales

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Head of Technology Operations

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