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Due Diligence

Review and confirm key information for one off or ongoing due diligence.

Thomas Murray’s Orbit Diligence module is used to issue questionnaires to suppliers or potential suppliers with the purpose of reviewing and obtaining key information. Through Orbit Diligence’s communication module, clarify any specific points for one off or ongoing due diligence. .

• Thomas Murray offers strategic consulting.

Leverage our expertise to offer analytics and benchmarking.

Advise on managing asset safety and operational risk.

Thomas Murray has worked directly with the AFME working group to develop the counterparty monitoring questionnaire for sub custodians and global custodians. The industry standard questionnaire is available on Orbit either for clients to issue out and monitor internally, or Thomas Murray offers this as a managed service, whereby our analysts will issue out the questionnaire and evaluate it on the client’s behalf. The re-issuance of this questionnaire through Orbit allows respondents to annually import their answers from the previous year, saving time and allowing for the highest level of response rates.

Thomas Murray has put together a working group to create proprietary Cash Monitoring Questionnaire which like the AFME questionnaire issued as a managed service by Thomas Murray where responses are evaluated and benchmarked against other cash correspondents, providing visual reporting to the client. The proprietary cash questionnaire has also been made available for clients using a white labelled solution for them to issue and evaluate themselves.

Orbit has specialised project types for various requirements. Scorecard projects can be issues out so each department can answer the part of the questionnaire relevant to them, this allows a clear comparison to see where certain departments in a bank are overperforming or underperforming. Undatable project types are useful for a continuous stream of updated information where you may not necessarily wish to issue out a new questionnaire, such as contact details for a client.

User Orbit Diligence to retain and refresh SLA agreements. Documents can be stored on the site, downloaded to save offline or to email, and new copies can be requested directly via Orbit, meaning compliance documents can be stored and updated in one place. The process is fully audited, and a signature can be requested for any new versions of documents provided in order to ensure the process is validated.

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