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23 November 2023


Dear clients and associates of Thomas Murray

Thomas Murray, a leading global risk intelligence, due diligence and advisory company, is delighted to announce the launch of our cyber risk advisory practice. The firm will support clients with expert proactive and reactive cyber security services, building on the proprietary threat intelligence and cyber risk ratings platform that we launched in 2022.

We have gathered a team of leading industry experts to create a premier global cyber risk practice, based on our deep commitment to safeguard our clients and their communities.

An expert cyber risk team

The practice is led by a team of experienced cyber security professionals with diverse international experience across the public and private sectors.

Drawn from leading companies such as PwC, EY, Kroll, Airbus Group and CGI, and public sector organisations such as the Royal Air Force, Metropolitan Police and the UK Government, our team operates at the highest possible level, working for corporates, governments, and multinationals in every sector. The practice is led by Ioan Peters, who led the cyber risk practice across EMEA for an international risk and financial advisory solutions firm.

The team has vast experience in helping organisations enhance their cyber maturity, secure their wider ecosystem, and helping them respond to incidents, often in times of crisis and high stress.

The evolving risk landscape

You may know us for our network management support to around 80% of the world’s major securities services banks, our institutional investor advisory practice and our capital markets expertise – most of which we have offered for 30 years. Some clients have asked us a very good question: why is Thomas Murray launching a cyber security business?

The answer is simple. No risk assessment of any entity is complete without a live understanding of its cyber risk exposure. We have observed the risk landscape shift radically in recent years, with ownership of cyber risks migrating from IT teams to board rooms. Cyber risk is an existential threat to all businesses. High profile cyber-attacks, rapid digitisation, and regulatory pressure have hastened this business awareness.

As a global risk company, I believe we are singularly well-placed to help our clients tackle this threat by combining deep financial industry knowledge and our extraordinary technology with profound cyber security expertise.

We would be pleased to introduce our cyber risk products and services to network management and third party risk teams. In addition, we would particularly like to meet chief risk officers. As risk owners, CROs have a responsibility for overseeing the work of CISOs and IT Security teams, and for seeking independent third-party assurance of the success of this work.

Ioan and his team would be delighted to introduce our capabilities to you and your colleagues. We look forward to further strengthening your organisations with the essential support that the cyber risk advisory team can provide.

With very best wishes,

Executive Chairman

Thomas Murray