Thomas Murray - Data, Monitoring & Analytics

Data, Monitoring & Analytics

Thomas Murray - Data, Monitoring & Analytics

Data, Monitoring & Analytics

We capture and process intra-day data on thousands of entities, including banks, financial market infrastructures and capital markets. Our clients require data, risk assessments and ongoing monitoring of their markets and counterparties, for efficient compliance and risk mitigation.

Thomas Murray also offers bespoke advisory and benchmarking.

Data, Monitoring & Analytics

Securities Market Information

Interactive data on rules, regulations, systems and procedures covering over 100 markets globally. Intraday updates are issued on trading, clearing and settlement, custody and asset servicing arrangements, and are supported by newsflashes. Market information is underpinned by Thomas Murray’s give-to-get data collection model, facilitated by a unique group of global support banks.

Cash Market Information

Interactive data on local market practices for payments and treasury operations, covering over 100 markets worldwide. Regulations, FX trading rules, benchmark information and other data are updated continuously and supported by newsflashes.

Central Securities Depository Risk Assessments

Intra-day monitoring and assessment of eight distinct risk categories on over 140 CSDs, including liquidity, counterparty, asset servicing and operational risks.

Central Counterparty Risk Assessments

Risk assessments on the extent to which CCPs eliminate risk within the OTC derivatives and cash markets. Data includes margin models, risk waterfalls, and financial, ownership and governance models of 28 CCPs that are analysed over six categories of risk.

Market Asset Safety Risk Assessments

Evaluation of the holding arrangements, protection and recoverability of collective investment vehicle assets across 86 capital markets, in the context of AIFMD and UCITS V.

Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Assessments

Assessment of risks where institutional investors’ assets are not routinely intermediated or indemnified by custodian banks or central securities depositories. Thomas Murray provides holistic assessments of local clearing and settlement practices.

Sub-Custodian Monitoring

Network Management support for banks in meeting regulatory, client and internal obligations for the periodic review of local agent banks. Thomas Murray assesses over 300 sub-custodians, supported by on-site visits to banks, contingency providers, and local capital market infrastructural entities in 95 markets.

Global Custodian Monitoring

Assessment and ongoing monitoring of the operational capabilities and effectiveness of global custodians, representing more than $1 trillion of client assets. Reports on specific services and KPIs are supplemented by dynamic benchmarks and interactive analytics tailored to asset owners’ invested markets.

Cash Correspondent Monitoring

Growing client asset protection rules have led Thomas Murray and leading banks to design a methodology for monitoring the cash correspondent service sector. This managed service comprises the management and validation of questionnaire responses with benchmark analytics by market, region and currency, and may be supported by on-site operational reviews.

Thomas Murray Digital

Thomas Murray Digital is the first ever solution focused exclusively on the servicing and safekeeping of digital assets. Launched in 2021, it provides institutional investors – asset managers, hedge funds, asset owners and others – with the information they need to invest confidently in this growing asset class.

If you would like more information on our Data, Monitoring & Analytics products please contact Derek Duggan

Thomas Murray - Derek Duggan

Derek Duggan
Head of Sales
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Thomas Murray - Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Thomas Murray provides bespoke advisory services to assist banks and funds in the evaluation, benchmarking and selection of service providers, and is relied on by our clients to help improve capital market standards.


Advisory Services

FMI Advisory

Strategic consulting and private operational and risk assessments for capital market infrastructural entities including central securities depositories and central counterparties, considering best practice and relevant guidelines such as the CPMI-IOSCO Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures.

Institutional Advisory

Institutional investors’ assets are exposed to risks not otherwise intermediated by their custodians. Thomas Murray provides contractual, operational, fee and risk consultancy services, conducts service provider tenders, and applies its risk assessments to clients’ investment portfolios through its proprietary analytics platform.

Bank Advisory

Thomas Murray assists custodians in rationalising their network arrangements. We leverage our expertise to offer analytics and benchmarking of strengths and weaknesses, and advise on managing asset safety and operational risks through local market supply chains.

If you would like more information on our Advisory Services please contact Stephen Merry

Stephen Merry
Head of Advisory & Analytics
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8600 2315