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Friday 10th April, 2015

Nykredit Bank selects Thomas Murray Data Services' monitoring solutions


It is with great delight that we announce that Nykredit Bank, one of the leading Financial Services companies in Denmark, has selected Thomas Murray Data Services (TMDS) to assist it with its efforts in market and counterparty monitoring. Nykredit will benefit from TMDS’s extensive experience in monitoring and assessing markets and providers of sub-custody, global custody, prime brokerage and the local market infrastructure entities where it is a leading authority on the risk environment around Central Securities Depositories worldwide.

The ever increasing burden of regulation is a concern to banks globally and, as such, Depositary Banks now face increasing pressure to adequately demonstrate that they are proactive in monitoring the markets that their clients invest in, the counterparties to which they are exposed and that they have developed, or put in place, robust solutions to demonstrate their compliance with the requirements of AIFMD (the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) and the forthcoming UCITS V, as adopted by the European Commission.

TMDS provides an independent service that supports the operational, regulatory and compliance efforts of global custodian and depositary banks to meet their AIFMD/UCITS V obligations through a structured risk assessment programme. TMDS has been providing such support for over 12 years.

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