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Wednesday 6th January, 2016

Liechtenstein Bankers Association appoints Thomas Murray Data Services for its counterparty and market monitoring obligations under AIFMD and UCITS V


LONDON - Thomas Murray Data Services (TMDS) is delighted to announce that via the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) it has put in place a master agreement to support member banks with their efforts in monitoring counterparties and market practices under UCITS V and AIFMD. Like banks within the European Union, the banks in Liechtenstein are equally faced with increased regulatory pressures and the need to proactively demonstrate that they are adequately monitoring the markets and custodial risks where their AIFMD and UCITS V fund clients invest and that they have developed, or are putting in place, robust solutions to demonstrate their compliance with the requirements of AIFMD and the forthcoming UCITS V, adopted by the European Commission.

TMDS is supporting the member banks of the LBA through:

Market Monitoring - Covering over 80 markets worldwide, the Market Profiles maintained by TMDS will allow the banks of the LBA to benefit from TMDS's extensive experience in monitoring the risks of (i) acts of nature, i.e. natural disasters; (ii) acts of man, i.e. conflicts and upheavals; and (iii) services outage and closures of financial market infrastructure entities. Moreover, the reports proactively cover detailed information and flash news on developments of local rules and market practice covering: (i) General Economic Indicators; (ii) Legal and Regulatory Framework; (iii) Local Market Administration Organisations; (iv) Market Entry Requirements; and (v) Asset Safety.

Counterparty Monitoring - Additionally, TMDS provides an independent service that supports the operational, regulatory and compliance efforts of banks and broker dealers, including depositary banks, to meet their AIFMD and UCITS V obligations through structured risk assessment programmes that expand to market monitoring and counterparties including sub-custodians, transfer agents, prime brokers and cash correspondents. TMDS has been providing such support to banks for over 12 years.

Five member banks have already signed up to the services.

"We are pleased to have co-operated with the Liechtenstein Bankers Association and its members and that they have elected to appoint the firm and use its services," says Simon Thomas, CEO of TMDS. "This is the first centralised country agreement TMDS has put in place for these support services. Once again we have been able to draw on our knowledge and experience as an independent provider of support to banking groups to assist them in their monitoring objectives."

"As an internationally oriented banking centre, and in order to best serve our demanding clientele, it is important to have profound knowledge of the applicable rules and market practices of the relevant markets. This requires us to maintain continuous access to the relevant information and permanent monitoring of those markets," says Simon Tribelhorn, CEO of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. "After having conducted comprehensive analysis of the available service providers in that field, we are convinced that with the co-operation and support of TMDS, this is best ensured."

For more information on TMDS's AIFMD/UCITS V monitoring services, please contact:

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David Dickinson
Director, Global Head Client Relationship Management
Thomas Murray Data Services

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Established in 1969, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is the domestic and international voice of the banks active in Liechtenstein. It is one of the country's most significant associations and plays a key role in the successful development of the financial centre. Member interests are pursued in accordance with the principles of sustainability and credibility. As a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Payments Council (EPC) and the European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum (EPFSF), the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is an important member of key committees at the European level and plays an active role in the European legislation process.

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