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Qatar - NYSE Euronext to Buy 25% Stake in DSM

Following a strategic partnership with the State of Qatar, NYSE Euronext is to acquire a 25% stake in the Doha Securities Market (DSM) for USD 250 million. The main points of the deal...

South Africa - Dematerialisation of Money Market Instruments

Following a recent seminar, Strate, has clarified that its project to dematerialise money market instruments will not dematerialise the existing instruments but to issue, clear and settle the new ones electronically...

Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK- NCSD Group to Join Euroclear

In a joint media release, Euroclear and the NCSD group announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding underlying the acquisition of NCSD shares by Euroclear. The NCSD group...

Brazil - CETIP to Become a Public Company

Following an extraordinary general meeting on 29 May 2008, members of the Central de Custódia e de Liquidação Financeira de Títulos (CETIP) decided on the capital re-structure of CETIP...

Japan - Dematerialisation of Securities - Update

In an update to our previous newsflash, some further details have been disclosed on the dematerialisation of the securities in Japan. The key points are as follows...

Total Number of Thomas Murray Flashes Issued: June 2008

Depository/CSD Risk Flashes 55 (774 year on year)
Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Flashes 41 (572 year on year)

Worth Knowing

Depository Risk Flashes

Czech Republic - UNIVYC to Implement New Settlement Cycles

Denmark - VP to Set up a Branch in Luxembourg

South Africa - New Business Continuity Site

Thailand - TSD to Launch e-Dividend and e-Proxy Voting

Chile - Thomas Murray Issues a Central Securities Depository Rating of 'A+' to DCV

Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Rating Flashes

Kenya - Capital Market Reforms

Singapore - SGX to Admit Banks as Clearing Members

Canada - Merger Between TSX and MX - Update

Israel - ILS Joined CLS

Russia - NDC to Buy Additional DCC Shares

Switzerland - Switzerland to Introduce Record Date in 2009

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