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Thomas Murray teams went on the first volunteering day as part of the new community engagement programme, Creating Community Networks (CCN). CCN enables Thomas Murray and its people to support the organisations that support us and our communities. We monitor our own third parties against their stated ESG aims, and volunteering days are one way we make progress against our own goals. We encourage our teams to share their skills and expertise to support broader societal initiatives in humanitarian, educational and environmental causes.

This volunteering day focused on tackling hunger in the community.

In London, Heather, Max, Peter, Dinith, Reuben, Morgan, Tamara and Clare helped Life After Hummus (LAH), a community benefit society, to collect surplus food from local supermarkets for distribution to the groups and individuals LAH supports.

Max said of his experience, “It was just so interesting to find out about how it all works. I was amazed by how ordered the organisation behind it all was.”

LAH Manager Farrah said, "It was a such a joy to welcome you at our centre! Thank you for bringing such a positive and can-do attitude with you on the day. You helped us to achieve a lot of essential tasks on the day and other tasks that we don't normally have capacity to tackle such as cleaning our windows, sweeping outside.

You were superstars! Our sincere thanks for supporting the local community on the day."

Feedback from the volunteers and the organisations alike was overwhelmingly positive, with everyone looking forward to signing up for their next Creating Community Networks day!   

Click here to download the full impact report