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Global intelligence, local risk

The leader in global risk, due diligence & cyber security solutions, protecting data, assets and reputations

We support 80% of the world’s largest banks, as well as major companies in every sector

A Single, Global Risk Platform

Visualise your global risk exposure with integrated risk intelligence, cyber security and due diligence.

Expert risk assessments, analysis & intelligence for financial institutions with global exposure

Award-winning AI Threat Intelligence & Security Ratings tool for Cyber Professionals and Third Party Risk Management

The most advanced SaaS platform for automated due diligence, vendor selection & risk management

Third Party Risk Management

Helping decision-makers understand & reduce their global risk exposure

Why Thomas Murray?

We emerged as a leading global risk company supporting the highly complex institutional fund, bank network management and post-trade sector. Today, our risk, due diligence and cyber security solutions are used by 100s of financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes in 100+ markets.

Our clients trust us with their most sensitive relationships to protect their data, assets and reputations

Monitoring 100+ markets.

Analysing 1000s of organisations daily.

Real-time, deep & global insight.

Our Solutions

The only comprehensive solution for Bank Network Management

Manging exposure to high-risk service providers and complex regulations for European funds and banks

Experts in network management, custody, post-trade and capital markets

SupplierSelect is the most automated and advanced due diligence & risk management platform, used by 1000s of organisations

Automated Threat Intelligence & Security Ratings for Enterprise & Third-Party Risk Management

Thomas Murray provides Northern Trust with a range of RFP products, services and technology, delivering an efficient and cost effective solution that frees our network managers up to focus on higher value activities.

Thomas Murray - Our Clients

Northern Trust

Thomas Murray has been a very valuable partner in the selection process of our new custodian for Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund.

Thomas Murray - Our Clients

Petroleum Development
Oman Pension Fund

We have worked with Thomas Murray on several occasions in the last 10+ years and they have been very useful in helping us identify and address our weaknesses and reduce risks and make the post-trade in Chile more efficient and in line with international standards.

Thomas Murray - Our Clients

DCV Chile

A Single, Global Risk Intelligence Platform

Is Third Party Risk Management right for you?

We work with

Any organisation concerned about its third party risk, needing a better understanding of how exposed their clients’ data or assets are to risk

Global companies with complex supply chains, significant exposure to external service providers and the highest data protection and asset safety requirements

Regulated companies subject to complex and stringent requirements to demonstrate that they are monitoring their third parties, reducing their exposure to high-risk providers and building resilience

Organisations concerned that 50% of cyber attacks emerge through third parties, needing to monitor and manage their exposure

In a global and interconnected economy, our clients emerge from every industry to understand their risk exposure, build resilience and protect their clients.

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Featured Insights

Thomas Murray - News

09/08/2022 14:20

Risk Intelligence

Thomas Murray, the global post-trade risk and custody specialists, has completed the second CSD risk assessment of Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depository (AIX CSD) and assigned an overall risk assessment of ‘A+’, which denotes a ‘Low

Thomas Murray - News

25/07/2022 15:26

Cyber risk

Fund managers should not get caught out thinking they are a low-priority target: here’s how to identify risks and build resilience, to protect investor data and assets.

Thomas Murray - News

08/07/2022 13:09

Cyber risk

Philadelphia, PA June 7, 2022—The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Thomas Murray Cyber Risk has won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Threat Detection category.

Thomas Murray - News

01/07/2022 08:32

Cyber risk

50% of cyber-attacks originate through a third party, but Network Management teams are not doing enough to protect their banks from high-risk providers.