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Discover your attack surface

Orbit Security is highly accurate at discovering your public IT infrastructure and eliminating false positives, ensuring your network footprint is verified and up to date. We use a proprietary AI module to detect and validate new IP addresses in your network, so that you never miss a change in your digital infrastructure. 

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Identify high-priority remediations

Identify and remediate the most critical risks facing your organisation. Orbit Security provides 0-1000 ratings of your organisation and every digital asset in your network, along with detailed and prioritised threat intelligence assessments across six categories: breach, server configuration, mail, SSL/TLS, DNS, and HTTP/HTTPS. Save hundreds of hours’ manual threat intelligence collection, testing and prioritisation with Orbit Security. 

Strengthen your security performance

Integrate Orbit Security into your security controls to receive trusted, external monitoring of the risks facing your network, and take timely preventative action. Quantify and track your security performance with 0-1000 ratings, benchmarking against peers and competitors, and historical trend analysis. Access Orbit’s reporting library to generate executive reports for your board, clients, regulators and other stakeholders. 

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Quantify, monitor and reduce cyber risk

Risk Intelligence

Access unparalleled intelligence 

Orbit Security uses AI to identify your digital assets, analyse your attack surface and create actionable threat intelligence reports. Secure your systems against threat actors with the industry’s leading solution.

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Save time and headcount

Security ratings and threat intelligence tools are a proven way to save IT Security teams hours of manual testing and prioritisation every week, so they can focus on high-value tasks. 

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Communicate complex risks 

Executive management teams are prepared to invest in security if they can see quantifiable KPIs and ROI. Bridge the knowledge gap with weekly reports showing the latest trends, scores and benchmarking. 

We safeguard clients and their communities

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Northern Trust

“Thomas Murray proporciona a Northern Trust una variedad de productos, servicios y tecnología de solicitud de propuesta para la recolección de propuestas, lo que brinda una solución eficiente y rentable que libera a nuestros gerentes bancarios para que se concentren en actividades de mayor valor.”

Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund

Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund

“Thomas Murray ha sido un aliado valioso en el proceso de selección de nuestro custodio para Petroleum Development Oman Pension Fund.”



“Thomas Murray ahora juega un papel clave para ayudarnos a detectar y remediar problemas en nuestra postura de seguridad, de la misma manera que a cuantificar, para nuestros directores y clientes, el rendimiento de seguridad de ATHEX.”


Bank-grade attack surface management, for any organisation.


Attack surface discovery
  • Automated discovery of digital assets
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Monitor for changes
Security ratings
  • Organisation security ratings
  • Domain security ratings
  • Benchmarking
Attack surface reduction
  • Exposed domains
  • Functionality versus risk


  • Breaches
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigurations
  • Remediation workflows
  • Organisation risk matrix
  • Risk impact ratings
Enquiries and improvements
  • Live enquiries tool
  • Access to expert analysts
  • Track organisation and domain scores


Reporting and benchmarking
  • C-Suite reporting
  • Alerts and automated reports
  • Custom competitor analysis
  • Client and supply chain risk
  • APIs
  • Accounts and permissions
  • Historical scores
  • Account security

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