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Webcast – Colombia: Equity Settlement Cycle Reduction to T+2 and Implementation of the CCP

Colombia continues to enhance its attractiveness to international investors. In this webcast, Thomas Murray analysts share a key development in the Colombian market, highlighted during meetings with local custody providers and infrastructures in a recent operational review. 

Sabrina Diaz, Network Manager and Luis Barrera, Market Specialist, both specialising in the Americas region, caught up with:

Juan Pablo Cordoba, CEO of the Colombia Exchange group; and 
Oscar Leiva, CEO of the Colombian Central Counterparty. 

In recent years, Colombia has consciously worked to develop and enhance its post-trade infrastructure, bringing it in-line with best market practices. As Mr. Cordoba attests, Colombia was previously the largest market in Latin America without a central counterparty clearing house (CCP) for the equity market until very recently. 

Colombia’s decision to reduce its settlement cycle from T+3 to T+2, and introduce a CCP for equity spot and securities lending transactions (TTVs), is part of a programme to increase efficiency, improve liquidity and increase the attractiveness of Colombia to international investors. 

We are obsessed with making our market more eligible for international investors and more attractive. Improving efficiency and abiding to international standards are a key objective, and a key goal.

Juan Pablo Cordoba

Watch the webcast to find out more, including what improvements have been made and why now, the challenges faced, and the impact for market participants.

We hope you enjoy the webcast.

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