Country and Financial Market Infrastructure Risk Monitoring - Webinar

Webinar date: 
Wednesday 03 September at 13:15 GMT

On Wednesday 3 September 2014 we were delighted to host our fourth AIFMD and UCITS V themed webinar entitled, Country and Financial Market Infrastructure Risk Monitoring Under AIFMD and UCITS V.

The topics covered by our panel centred around depositary banks fulfilling this obligation to their fund clients who have appointed them under AIFMD and will do, latterly, under UCITS V. There was a lot of talk around the area of bank liability for CSDs - on the face of it a black and white picture, with liability extending to market level under UCITS V but, seemingly, not under AIFMD. Issuer CSD, Investor CSD and the advent of T2S all impact, however, upon this.

Below we have the presentations made by Marie Ellis and Jim Micklethwaite during the session, with their presentations available to download in pdf format. We also have a re-run of the entire session, with contribution from Koen Vanderheyden of DLA Piper. If you have any questions in relation to the session, then please do get in touch.

For a video of the presentation, please click below:

For an audio replay of the session, please click below:

You can download Marie's and Jim's presentations here:

Download the full presentation.

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