Fund Management

We spoke to Robert Goldbaum, SVP product & market strategy at Backstop Solutions about how regulation is affecting the environment for asset managers and investors.

The issue of BEPS (base erosion and profit shifting) and tax neutrality are key concerns for fund managers and fund administrators. Dominic Hobson spoke to Geoff Cook, CEO of Jersey Finance about the issues.

The hedge fund industry has come under varied and increasing pressure and scrutiny in the wake of the global financial crises. Both investors and regulators are paying much closer attention to the way in which funds identify and mitigate for, operational risk. This is bringing about very real changes in the way that funds are structured and managed, right the way through the business.

Bill Gourlay, who previously ran the fund management strategy group at RBC in London, arrived at investment management industry technology consultants Idea Group as CEO in December 2013. The speed with which they have created the GAIA standards to automate subscriptions and redemptions is a reminder that few were better qualified to fix that obvious and longstanding source of cost and complaints in the hedge fund industry.

Thomas Murray Data Services spoke to ALFI chairman, Marc Saluzzi at the ALFI London Conference about his time as the chairman of the organisation, the challenges faced and the regulatory focus upon the fund industry.