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November, 2012

Thomas Murray - Monthly Newsletter

As a local market infrastructure entity or interested participant, Thomas Murray is pleased to send you our November newsletter. This newsletter provides access to the top stories we reported on as part of our on-going surveillance of local capital markets worldwide. We currently track over 100 securities markets, 130 Central Securities Depositories and have Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Rating Reports on over 90 markets worldwide, assessing the post trade risk exposures faced by international investors.

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CMI in Focus

Thomas Murray maintains a wealth of information through the whole post-trade lifecycle of securities. In a series of monthly reports, Thomas Murray will be investigating global trends in the industry through analysis of particular areas of capital market infrastructure.

This month CMI in Focus addresses how local safekeeping practices influence the security of invested assets. Events such as Madoff and the defaults of Lehmans, MF Global and others, have highlighted the importance of asset recoverability/portability to such an extent that investors concerns have transcended even to the plain vanilla securities held at Central Securities Depositories (CSDs).


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Top Stories

Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK - Euroclear to Launch New Web-based Access to its Services

Euroclear Bank has announced the launch of a new browser-based application, EasyWay. The development will enable clients to see an integrated, holistic view of all their activities within Euroclear. The new application will first be launched for...

Brazil - CETIP Provides Real Time Access to Funds Managers

CETIP has announced the launch of a new tool that allows investment funds managers to have real-time access to transactions executed on their funds as well as the assets under custody at CETIP.The new functionality provides access to the information of...

Ghana - Ghana CSD Handles Cash Settlement Leg of Secondary Government Bond Transactions

The Effective immediately, the Ghana Central Securities Depository (CSD) will be handling the cash settlement leg of secondary government bond transactions, therefore achieving DVP settlement by linking the transfer of funds with...

Philippines - SCCP Applies for Securities Depository Status

The Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP) has submitted an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as a securities depository. The SCCP proposes a multi-depository framework that will...

UAE - SCA Approves Regulations on SBL, Short Selling, Market Making and Liquidity Providers

Further to our previous newsflash, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has approved the draft regulations on securities borrowing and lending (SBL), short selling, market making and liquidity providers...

Total Number of Thomas Murray Flashes Issued: October 2012

Depository/CSD Risk Flashes: 100 (1184 year on year)
Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Flashes: 108 (1214 year on year)

Worth Knowing

Depository Risk Flashes

Austria - New Funds Solution at OeKB

Costa Rica - CEVAL Amends Fees Scheme on International Custody Services

Russia - NSD to Become Russia's Repository for OTC Repo and Swap Transactions - Update

Singapore - MAS Conducts Self-Assessment of MEPS+

South Africa - Proposed Changes to Bond Operational Market Windows Directives

Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Rating Flashes

Australia - RBA Publishes Assessment Report of Clearing and Settlement Facilities in Australia

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama - Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador to Create a Common Market

Portugal - Closure of T-Bills Settlement System

Ukraine - PFTS Introduces Market-Makers for Government Bonds

USA - SEC Adopts Standards for Risk Management and Operations of Clearing Agencies

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