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New Zealand - NZX to Launch New Centralised Clearing House System - Update

Further to our previous market newsflash, the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) has released consultation papers related to the implementation of new clearing and settlement systems and infrastructure for its core trading market...

Ukraine - SCSSM Amended Regulation of Depository Activities

The State Commission for Securities and the Stock Market (SCSSM) recently amended the regulatory resolutions in relation to the activities of local depositories. The impact of the amendments gives the Ukrainian depositories...

Cyprus - OTC Trading - Update

Further to our previous newsflash, the Cypriot Stock Exchange (CSE) has further confirmed the introduction of OTC trading, and intends to replicate the Greek OTC trading environment. A testing period is expected to take place...

Brazil - BACEN Issued Additional Procedures to Improve Anti-money Laundering Measures

The Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) recently issued an official letter (Circular 3461) providing additional procedures to be conducted by the local financial institutions in order to improve the anti-money laundering measures...

Global, Singapore - Chi-X Global and SGX to Launch First Exchange-Backed Dark Pool in Asia Pacific

On 12 August 2009, Chi-X Global Inc. and Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) signed a Heads of Terms Agreement to develop and launch the first exchange-backed dark pool in the Asia Pacific region. The non-displayed trading platform aims to...

Total Number of Thomas Murray Flashes Issued: Aug 2009

Depository/CSD Risk Flashes 38 (987 year on year)
Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Flashes 46 (978 year on year)

Worth Knowing

Depository Risk Flashes

South Africa - Review of Fees at STRATE

Russia - NDC to Reorganise - Update

Malaysia Bursa Malaysia to Introduce an SBL-NT Model - Update

Czech Republic - Implementation of a CSD - Update

Panama - Reorganisation Plan of BVP and Latinclear

Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Rating Flashes

Morocco - Implementation of a Derivatives Market

Russia - The State Duma Proposes to Simplify the Corporate Notifications Procedure

USA - Tax Treatment of Fails Charges

Portugal - CSD to Auto-Compensate Dividend Market Claims

Hong Kong - Launch of CMU Fund Order Routing and Settlement Service

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