The Thomas Murray Data Services MarketsSelect service captures, stores and manages data about all of the major institutions and the operational procedures they follow to execute, clear and settle securities transactions in over 100 markets around the world.

Its database includes detailed information about the ownership and governance of central securities depositories (CSDs), central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs), stock exchanges, and payment systems in all of these markets. They also include detailed information about the operational policies and procedures of all of these institutions, including securities settlement timetables, cash payment timetables, national holidays, taxation, foreign investment restrictions, repatriation of proceeds, proxy voting, corporate actions notification and instruction, and a variety of other risks.

In all, the MarketsSelect database monitors 75 different risks, which are allocated between the seven separate risk management areas used by Thomas Murray Data Services in all of its products: Asset Commitment, Liquidity, Counterparty, Asset Servicing, Financial, Operational and CSD on CSD risks. This disciplined methodology guarantees consistency in the quantity and quality of the data, facilitating cross-market comparisons.

The information is used by a variety of intermediaries in the securities markets. Global custodians share the information with institutional investors to help them decide whether to invest in certain markets, and manage the risks when they do. Prime brokers use it in the same way to keep hedge fund managers informed about market risks. In fact, both global custodians and prime brokers find MarketsSelect an economic way of keeping market risk information up to date. More than two dozen currently use the service on a white label basis, which allows them to distribute the information to their clients under their own brand-name. Some marry the Thomas Murray Data Services information up with their own knowledge in certain markets before passing it on to clients.

Traditional fund managers find the MarketsSelect data useful to assess settlement and other risks, such as foreign ownership limits, corporate action instruction and proxy voting procedures and withholding taxes, in the markets where they invest. CSDs use the information to compare the quality and price of their own services with their peers, and to manage the counterparty risk when they have a direct relationship with another CSD.

The information provided by MarketsSelect also helps regulators and central banks understand the risks posed by the clearing and settlement infrastructure in their own market, and to compare them with the risks created by market infrastructures in other jurisdictions, and so adopt the best international practices. Stock exchanges use MarketsSelect to conduct peer group analyses, enabling them to keep their own operating procedures internationally competitive.

The information in the MarketsSelect databases is supplied to Thomas Murray Data Services by custodian banks and central securities depositories (CSDs), which update the information regularly through an on-line portal. It is then verified by Thomas Murray Data Services analysts before being made available to third parties.

The data in MarketsSelect is also used to inform the Market Information Guides, Central Securities Depository (CSD) Ratings and Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Ratings services offered by Thomas Murray Data Services. MarketsSelect offers 35-page summary reports at the level of both the individual market (over 100 are covered) and the individual CSD (147 are currently available).

White Label Option

Today, over 25 leading financial groups white label our Securities Market Profiles and Securities Market Flashes. They use them both for internal operational use as well as externally with clients. We support these groups by hosting a fully client-branded version of MarketsSelect and allowing clients to rebrand our reports and emails under licence. Users access the information (which can be any combination of Thomas Murray Data Services/bank's own maintained data) directly from your website via SSO or other simpler integration techniques.

If you would like to purchase this service, or find out more about it, please contact Derek Duggan at or telephone him on +44 (0) 20 8600 2300.