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Webcast - Lessons from COVID-19: Adapting to a Remote Due Diligence Model

Jim Micklethwaite

In the second edition of our popular webcast series, Jim Micklethwaite leads a panel of Thomas Murray's regional Network Managers, discussing:

  • The challenges of rapidly transitioning to a remote global due diligence model; 
  • The limitations to achieving a full operational review without having access to banks' and infrastructures' offices; 
  • The near-perfect replication of 'normal' processes from those with robust BCPs, and the lessons to be learnt from this disruption. 

Some developments have been very positive. Our Network Managers are seeing the market infrastructures working much more closely with banks to keep the markets moving and as efficient as they can be in the current climate. Additionally, many of the markets and organisations slow to adapt to change in recent years have exhibited a relaxation of physical documentation requirements and other legacy restrictions.

Thomas Murray maintains running profiles and risk assessments of agent banks and market infrastructures globally, helping our custodian and depositary bank clients manage their risk exposure and regulatory requirements.