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Webcast - Our Clients’ view on the PFMIs

Thomas Murray | London | 23 Septiembre 2020

Welcome to our latest webcast.

We are joined this week by:

Haitham Al Salmi, General Manager of Muscat Clearing and Depository;
and Mindaugas Bakas, CEO of the National Depository of Ukraine

to discuss the relevance of conducting a compliance assessment of the CPMI-IOSCO Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMIs), the benefits of appointing a third-party entity such as Thomas Murray to conduct it and how the exercise helped them to identify potential gaps in meeting international standards and develop a roadmap to address them.

Among other insights, our panellists highlight:

  • The benefits to smaller markets of conducting the exercise in order to provide a safe and robust infrastructure for market participants and stakeholders;
  • The PFMI exercise with Thomas Murray allowed both clients to identify and close the gaps in their risk management, providing a clear, actionable assessment and setting out a framework for future analysis;
  • The strong message from infrastructures to their stakeholders that they are serious about risk and intend to adhere to best practices.

Key advantages of using TM, rather than completing a self-assessment, include: 

  • The speed and structure of the exercise; 
  • The powerful gap analysis and elements to set up a roadmap for the future;
  • The objectivity of a third-party assessment, useful for informing regulators and opening a dialogue about the market's regulatory framework.

We hope you enjoy the webcast.

For more information, please contact either Gary or German

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