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Cash Correspondent Monitoring Solution

An industry leading solution for managing your cash correspondent relationships. Our state-of-the-art technology drives the data collection and validation. Linked access to our insightful data analytics platform allows you to identify, access, manage and report on your risks.

Why Monitor Your Cash Correspondents?

The Problem | Regulation | Risk | A Collective Approach

Thomas Murray - CCM. The Problem

The Problem

  • A single bank will operate a network of cash correspondent banks around the globe to enable it to trade in foreign markets.

  • Due to increasing internal third-party oversight and regulatory requirements, banks need to carry out ongoing monitoring of their cash correspondent agents.

  • Reluctance of cash correspondents to respond to questionnaires, a lack of standardisation, and duplication of effort have caused groups to turn to Thomas Murray for a comprehensive solution.

Thomas Murray - CCM. Regulation


  • In the wake of AML failures, sanction busting and other systemic failures, there is growing regulatory momentum for monitoring correspondent banks, with pressure mounting from CFTC, OCC, CASS and Client Asset Protection rules.

  • Regulators expect higher levels of monitoring and due diligence of service providers, including contingency plans.

  • Pro-active monitoring of operational resilience is required, a traditional credit assessment is no longer enough.

Thomas Murray - CCM. Risk


  • The risks associated with correspondent banking relationships are not confined to regulatory penalties alone.

  • Banks risk reputational damage, loss of business and customer confidence, and restrictions on financial activity by not governing banking relationships effectively.

  • Some banks have withdrawn their correspondent banking services, deeming the risks greater than the rewards. Those that remain in the space and can effectively manage the associated risks will have an advantage.

Thomas Murray - CCM. A Collective Approach

A Collective Approach

  • Thomas Murray’s collective industry solution aims to solve the increasing cost of compliance (including fines) and banks’ difficulty in identifying risks in certain jurisdictions.

  • By standardising the monitoring approach and risk methodology, improving response rates and eliminating duplication of effort in this non-competitive risk management function, Thomas Murray is delivering a much-needed solution.

  • Launched with a large group of initial banks, the programme continues to swell as banks recognise the unique benefit of a collective approach.

The Solution

A comprehensive service:

  • Data and documentation is collected by Thomas Murray using our data management platform SupplierSelect for Financial Services.

  • Thomas Murray’s analysts then validate banks’ responses, ensuring completeness and follow up where necessary to obtain further information.

  • Responses are then analysed and scored against the industry’s agreed methodology.

  • Individual banks are assigned a risk rating, reviewed by an expert risk committee before being published to the client and responding bank.

The risks assessed:

  • Financial Risk (including credit rating, capital ratios, earning performance and other indicators of financial strength, viability and stability).

  • Operational Risk (including account servicing, systems controls, operational disruption, financial crime compliance and cybersecurity).

Service outputs:

  • Access to the submitted response.

  • Access to the Cash and Treasury market profile.

  • Access to the individual report.

  • Access to the benchmarking dashboard.

Thomas Murray - CCM. Cash Correspondent Banks
Cash Correspondent Banks
Thomas Murray - CCM. Markets Covered
Markets Covered
Thomas Murray - CCM. Questionnaires Issued
Cash and Treasury Market Profiles
Thomas Murray - CCM. Cash Correspondent Banks

SupplierSelect for Financial Services

Industry Defined Questionnaire Response Validation and Scoring

Thomas Murray - CCM. Cash Correspondent Banks

Cash Correspondent Risk Analysis dashboard

Interactive Risk Graded Visual Analytics, Reports and Benchmarking

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For all enquiries about Thomas Murray products, services and technology including the cash correspondent management service, please contact Derek Duggan.

Thomas Murray - Derek Duggan

Derek Duggan
Head of Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8600 2305