Enhancement - Bulk Export (of answers) into Multiple Questionnaires

Enhancement - Bulk Export (of answers) into Multiple Questionnaires


I’m pleased to announce that we have recently made an enhancement to SupplierSelect for Financial Services (SS:FS). The new feature allows:

•  Bulk export (of answers) into multiple questionnaires

 As before, respondents had the ability to import their responses from previous questionnaires. This allows for better reuse of answers and a more efficient way of populating the current questionnaire with existing answers. Some organisations may find themselves being issued with large volumes of questionnaire requests. In order to provide further efficiencies, this recent enhancement enables the respondents to ‘export’ their answers from a previous questionnaire into multiple accepted invitations. This method allows a much more efficient way of dealing with large volumes of requests. It is important to note that the acceptance of the questionnaire must still be done individually as the issuing party will be informed of the acceptance of the invitation. This guide will cover the steps necessary to take advantage of this new feature. 

Unlike the import function, the export function works in reverse. The import function relies on the user being within the destination project, importing from a source project. In order to use the bulk export feature, the user must first navigate to the source project, from which they can export to multiple questionnaires. 

In the below example, an organisation has been issued 5 questionnaire requests. The user must first navigate to the Source Project which contains their previous answers.

NOTE: The source project does not need to be a submitted response in order to export data. 

Once within the project, the respondent will need to click on ‘Export Answers’

The user will be presented with a list of invitations which they can export answers to.

NOTE: Prior to using the bulk export function, the destination questionnaires must be in ‘Accepted’ status (if formal acceptance is required by the questionnaire issuer). If the questionnaires are not in Accepted status, the questionnaires will not be visible within the list of available projects to which the answers are exported. 

From here, clicking on ‘Export answers’ will export the number of questions in the current (source) response which match questions within the destination projects.


Data has now been imported into the destination projects. In order to avoid ‘blind submission’, users will still need to submit each questionnaire separately. This is to ensure that questionnaires do not accidentally get submitted with incorrect data due to user error. 

NOTE: Questionnaires can only be exported as a whole, not by section - if there is any data within any of the destination projects prior to exporting answers, these answers will be overwritten.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions in relation to the above on <WLSsupport@thomasmurray.com>.